City Farm Nursery

City Farm Nursery offers Brisbane residents and the wider-QLD community a place to purchase edible plants and other products to create and maintain beautiful, productive gardens at home. It also offers specialist advice. City Farm Nursery is a small, intimate and specialised nursery.

Opening Hours

  • Tuesday to Saturday: 8.30 am-12.30 pm
  • Sundays 6:30am – 12.30pm
  • Closed Mondays

We help you to create a healthy and more sustainable lifestyle by providing a range of organic plants, chemical free products and knowledgeable advice to help your edible garden flourish.

We offer high quality plants that are chemical free where possible, from local suppliers and suited to the Brisbane climate. We know our suppliers, their stories and their production methods. We offer expert advice to all of our customers ensuring everyone who comes into our nursery leaves with new information and inspiration to start their own home garden, knowing they have a place they can come for assistance along the way. We also provide support and information via our social media outlets.

Invest in your food and consequently your health. City Farm Nursery will help you grow wholesome and tasty food at home and support you each step of the way. Food gardening is a skill your family will carry with them through life. Come and get started with us today!

Find Us

Phone: (07) 3857 8774


What We Offer

  • -Seasonal veggie seedlings
  • -Culinary & Traditional herbs
  • -Permaculture plants
  • -Aquatic & edible water plants
  • -Bush tucker plants
  • -Butterfly host plants
  • -Beneficial bug attracting plants
  • -Indoor plants
  • -Backyard fruit trees
  • -Organic seeds
  • -Insect hotels
  • -Urban composting solutions
  • -Rocky Point bagged soil conditioners, potting mixes, and mulch.
  • We stock a range of organic fertilisers, mulch, compost and potting mixes. You can also find worm farms, self watering pots, urban composters, raw honey, native bees, and much more. Top up your Dr Grow It All fertiliser bottles from our Refill Station.

Take your BCC rates notice to your local Library and bring your voucher to us to collect two free native plants from our range.

Visit our ONLINE STORE to purchase a gift voucher or to contribute to the Nurserys’ Pay-it-Forward plant program, supporting First Nations communities.

Come for a visit, our friendly staff and volunteers are always happy to help.

Plus, become a member and receive a 10% discount off plants, plant supplements, composts, etc! NB: some merchandise exempt.

Contact Us


(07) 3857 8774


More Information

Useful Information

Host Your Event in the Nursery

Unlock Inspiration and Beauty at Our Nursery!

Looking for a serene and enchanting setting to fuel your creative endeavours? Our Nursery has a free space where your book club, garden club, art class, or meet-up group can enjoy the tranquillity of our urban oasis.

Imagine immersing yourselves in the lush greenery, vibrant blossoms, and refreshing scent of nature. Let inspiration abound as you discuss your favourite books, share gardening tips, or unleash your artistic talents. Our nursery provides the perfect backdrop to ignite your imagination and foster a sense of harmony with the world around you.

So, gather your friends, fellow artists, or nature enthusiasts, and join us at the nursery. Let the beauty of nature be your muse, and creativity flourish within the rustic charm of our Nursery.

Please email enquiries to

We can’t wait to welcome you.

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