Workshops on Permaculture and Sustainable Living

In addition to our Permaculture Courses, we offer an exciting range of smaller sustainable living workshops, often on Saturdays.

Spaces fill up fast for these popular, informative and fun workshops. Please book early to avoid disappointment.

Permaculture Design Course One-Off Sessions

Our Permaculture Design Course (PDC) has a limited number of places for a few people to join in
for one-off sessions.

29th October  7.00am – 6.00pm
Visit to Crystal Waters Ecovillage with Carmel Harris and Adrian Holbeck Cost: $95/75
5th November 9:00am – 4.30pm
Social Permaculture with Emma Brindal Cost: $85/65

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Saturday 29th October 2016

9am – 12pm: Making Achar: Nonya spiced vegetable pickles – with Hedrick Kwan 

Achar is a spiced vegetable pickle that you can eat with just about anything. The Nonyas (descendants of early Chinese migrants) from Singapore and Malaysia make this pickle to accompany rice dishes such as Nasi Lemak (Coconut Rice) and Nasi Padang (rice with other dishes). Thispickle dish is tangy, sweet and aromatic andis seasoned with sesame and various nuts. You will get to take home a sample of this crunchy and flavorsome pickle.

Cost: $50/$35 Health Care Card Holder + $8 materials fee +Booking Fee

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goddess_of_the_gardenSaturday 29th October 2016

9am – 4pm: Goddess of the Garden: Connecting to the Wild Feminine in Nature with Danika Nesbitt – with Danika Nesbitt

In ancient times, women were regarded as Goddesses and associated with crop fertility and creative births of all kinds. The current degradation of the earth can be seen to echo society’s oppression of women.
This is a workshop for women of all life phases to rediscover this wild feminine within, and experience the interconnectedness of ourselves and the natural earth around us. We will spend time connecting with our own bodies, each other and the land, explore cycles and seasons of both self and earth, grounding with a conscious, sensual gardening ritual. Experience your earthly erotic nature in a safe space and re-discover your relationship with the natural Goddess.

Danika is passionate about sacred sexuality as a means for solving our destructive and imbalanced way of life on our natural earth. She is a Dancing Eros facilitator assistant – a movement that connects women to their feminine expression through the exploration of ancient erotic archetypes. She completed her Permaculture Design Certificate at Northey Street last year and is an avid gardener and lover of the natural earth.

Cost: $85/$65 Health Care Card Holders + Booking Fee

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Saturday  12th November 2016

9am – 4pm: SENSORY GARDEN DESIGN   Re-design your own garden – with Tamsin Scott 

Discover how to transform your garden to make a space that provides a sense of wholeness and healing. Find out how to design a personal place full of meaning that nourishes your soul. With accessible, professional guidance, create an uplifting garden that connects deeper with nature and spirit.

Develop your space specifically for reflection, meditation, growing edible and medicinal plants, creativity, communion, tranquillity, or simply for enjoyment and relaxation. Here, we go beyond the backyard blitz approach and/or simulating other people’s garden ideas and passing fads.

Get in touch with your own needs and desires to create a satisfying outdoor space that is deeply personal and restorative.

Tamsin Scott is a Landscape Architect with 25 years’ experience and who has a special passion for bringing ‘heart’ into designing meaningful outdoor spaces. A strong visual arts background (sculpture) adds to her heightened aesthetic sensibility, which enriches the functional and cultural aspects of her designs. Her insightful approach draws on her personal experiences of mindfulness and meditation and group facilitation work. Tamsin’s community workshops aim to demystify the basic principles of place-making and inspire a personal and emotional connection with site.

Cost: $85/  Health Care Card Holder $65 + Eventbrite booking fee.

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biocharSaturday  12th November 2016

10am – 4pm: Biochar – with Hans Erken 


This workshop will cover:

• what is biochar
• the benefits of biochar
• ways to use biochar in the garden
• how can you use the energy created during biochar production
• how do you make biochar while cooking
• how do you make biochar on a small and medium scale

Hans completed a Permaculture Design certificate course in 1979 and was awarded a Diploma of Permaculture Design in 1984 for applied work in the fields of :- design consulting, site development, nursery work, education and community projects. In 1984 he led a team that convened and ran the 1st International Permaculture Conference at Pappinbarra, NSW. In 1992 he was awarded The Permaculture Community Service Award – awarded by the Permaculture Institute for “vision & work forming an essential & selfless contribution to the promotion of Permaculture locally & globally and toward the healing of the planet”.

In 1985 he founded the Australian Bamboo Network and published its newsletter for 4 years. He maintains a large collection of useful species and has been researching their viability for Australian conditions through growing trials since the early ‘80s. He has held numerous workshops on bamboo cultivation and use.

He was the first in Australia to successfully produce & market tropical & temperate bamboo shoots & other Asian vegetables, principally PHYLLOSTACHYS heterocycla var. pubescens & BAMBUSA oldhamii, Lotus, Chinese Waterchestnuts & various ginger spices. The quality of his produce has gained him the clientele of a number of 1st class restaurants in Sydney, Melbourne & Noosa Heads.

He has run a wholesale/retail nursery of aquatics, bamboo, ginger family spices and other food plants for the last 25yrs. He has travelled Indonesia extensively in search of new species to import to Australia. He is a founding member and president of the “Bamboo Society of Australia”. He attended the IVth International Bamboo Congress in Bali, 1994. & the Vth International Bamboo Congress in Costa Rica, 1998. He is also working as webmaster and coordinator of a global collective of bamboo enthusiasts & professionals to create a bamboo identification manual (BIM) on the world wide web, this project is currently on hold.

In September, ’99 at the invitation of the International Network of Bamboo & Rattan (INBAR) he took part in the International Workshop on the INBARIS Bamboo & Rattan, Species-Utilization Database held at the Kerala Forest Research Institute, Peechi, Kerala, India, followed by a week in Beijing, China at INBAR’s headquarters to work on the re-design of the website.

He has been the president of the Bamboo Society of Australia on and off for a number of years and otherwise serving on the board. At the last AGM he stood down as president to be able to devote more time to the development of the society’s website.

Cost: $85/$65 Health Care Card Holder + Booking Fee

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worm-farmingSaturday  19th November 2016

9am – 12pm: Worm farming – with Hedrick kwant 

Worms are easy to keep and produce the best fertilizer for your plants . Learn about what makes this such a great soil improver to any garden. The solid output (Vermicast) is good mix in with potting mix or soil to increase nutritional value and organic matter. The liquid that comes out from the worm farm is liquid fertilizer which the plants take up immediately and the improvement in plants can be seen in a few short days. In this workshop you will learn how to overcome common problems faced in keeping a worm farm, worm multiplication techniques and harvest methods. Each participant will bring home some worms to start their own farm.

Cost: $50/$35 Health Care Card Holder + $5 Materials Fee + Booking Fee

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prints-from-plants_2Saturday 26th November 2016

9am – 4pm: Prints from Plants – with Nancy Brown

During this workshop we will create prints onto a scarf or sarong from the plants growing in your garden, and create stencil shapes cut from recycled plastic. Make beautiful and coloruful designs that can be set into the material so that it is washable.This workshop will enable participants the skills to successfully upcycle clothing, creating pattern, print and stencil shapes in bright colours.

Cost: $85/$65 Health Care Card Holder + $12 Materials Fee + Booking Fee

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Saturday 26th November & Sunday 27th November 2016

9am – 7:15pm / 9am-5:30pm: Dynamic Groups, Dynamic Learning 2 Day Introductory Course – with Robin Clayfield

This creative group leadership, teacher training and facilitation workshop is an interactive and fun opportunity to glean and explore many processes, tools and ideas for leading, teaching or facilitating groups. Robin offers her ‘Dynamic Groups, Dynamic Learning’ Methodology, based on 25 years of training Permaculture and other teachers, as a basis for healthy, successful and empowering groups. The weekend will give participants an embodied experience of these methods in action while building confidence, skills and a huge toolbox of diverse and useful processes.

Cost: Two Full Days  –  Saturday: 9am-7.15pm & Sunday 9am – 5.30pm

$250 (Full)/ $200  (Health Care Card Holder) + Eventbrite booking fee.

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mosaic-2Saturday 3rd December 2016

9am – 4pm: Mosaic Making – with Nancy Brown


Learn how to mosaic using broken china pieces. During this workshop we will be creating a small mosaic from recycled and repurposed broken china onto recycled objects and surfaces. The pieces will be glued to the surface of a small re-purposed object: a flowerpot, bowl, sign or tile, that can be placed in a garden setting. Participants will then learn how to apply grout to the pieces, creating a vibrant finished mosaic piece.

Cost: $85/$65 Health Care Card Holder + $15 Materials Fee + Booking Fee

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Saturday 7th, 14th, 21st, 28th January 2017, 8am-12pm

8am – 12pm: Summer School: Permaculture Basics – with Carmel Harris and Adrian Holbeck

Organic Herbs & Vegies

 In this practical course, experienced teachers Carmel Harris & Adrian Holbeck will help you understand & enrich your soil with compost, worms & tonics. Choose no-dig herbs & vegies for healthy, year-round harvests.

The summer series highlights local annual & perennial plants.

Week 1: Soil life, hot compost, plant families, legumes as soil food, seed propagation

Week 2: Soil structure, pH testing, nutrients, fertilisers & tonics, build a no-dig garden

Week 3: Crop rotation, seed saving, seasonal planting, cuttings propagation

Week 4: Plant ailments & organic cures, good & bad bugs, Integrated Pest Management

 Cost: $200 ($170 conc.)

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Workshop cancellations:

We understand that sometimes circumstances change and participants may not be able to attend a course or workshop that has been paid for.

For workshops (half day, full day and weekend) we require a minimum of 3 days notice for cancellations. We do not provide refunds for any cancellations that are made within 3 days of a workshop.

If participants cancel participation in a workshop and are entitled to a refund, they can choose to:

  • Receive a refund, less a processing fee of $10 per person.
  • Opt for a credit for another workshop, to be used within 12 months of the initial workshop.

Cancellations of workshops by Northey Street City Farm:

  • Northey Street City Farm (NSCF) may cancel or change a class at any time, for reasons including but not limited to, lack of participation, inclement weather or facilitator availability.
  • Registrants can opt for a full refund, or can use the credit for a future workshop, to be used within 12 months of the date of the initial workshop or course.

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