Workshops on Permaculture and Sustainable Living

In addition to our Permaculture Design Course, we offer an exciting range of smaller sustainable living workshops, often on Saturdays.

Get passionate about establishing your own nutritious food garden, using sustainable building products, saving money, developing new skills and discovering old ones. New workshops are frequently being added, so keep an eye on our offering by ‘Liking’ us on Facebook or signing up to our monthly eNews.

Apart from our regular workshop offering, we also offer the Permaculture Design Certificate (PDC) Series of workshops. These workshops are stand-alone modules offered from the currently running Permaculture Design Certificate. If you don’t have the time (or money) to complete a full PDC, these workshops provide a wonderful opportunity to learn the skills of a permaculture designer at your own pace. You will be buddied up with a PDC student and become a part of our learning community.

Spaces fill up fast for these popular, informative and fun workshops. Please book early to avoid disappointment.


Current Workshop Program

31st October

9am – 12pm: Managing Pests & Diseases with Adrian Holbeck – PDC series

Learn about strategies to help combat common pests and diseases. This session covers:

  • Symptoms of plant aliments,
  • Integrated Pest Management,
  • Potions, predators and other remedies and
  • Designs to attracts beneficial insects

Cost: $50 / $35 (Healthcare Card holder)

Enquiries, Bookings and Payment


1st November

9am – 12pm:   How to Save Seeds with Peta Deacon

Seeds are the beginning of plant life. In this workshop learn the basics of seed saving. We’ll be looking at seed collection, storage and exchange, as well as the importance of heritage varieties and their preservation. This workshop will also explore the importance of using non-GMO species and the minimisation of hybrids.

Cost: $50 / $35 (Healthcare Card holder)

Enquiries, Bookings and Payment


8th November 

9am – 12pm:  Secrets of Worm Farming with Peta Deacon

In this hands-on workshop you will learn how to establish and maintain a worm farm. It will include information about the various kinds of worm farms, how to use worm leachate and castings to help your garden flourish, and trouble-shooting problems you may encounter with your worm farm. Together we will also create two types of worm farms, one a counter top system from recycled material and the other a larger backyard system.

Cost: $50 / $35 (Healthcare Card holder)

Enquiries, Bookings and Payment


15th November

9am – 4pm: Coil Stitch- with Weva Deva

Come and join this weaving circle and learn the vintage art of Coil Stitch Basketry. Using a colourful palette of naturally dyed fibres you will learn to weave your very own basket that you can take home.

Cost: $85 / $65 (Healthcare Card holder)

Enquiries, Bookings and Payment


15th November

9am – 12pm:  Making Good Compost with Peta Deacon

Join this hands-on workshop to learn how to create nutritious food for your garden: compost. We’ll look at various methods of composting, including using bins, heaps, making compost (weed) teas and using bokashi systems. We will provide tips for common compost problems and build a compost pile.

Cost: $50 / $35 (Healthcare Card holder)

Enquiries, Bookings and Payment


22nd  November 

9am – 12pm:  Gardening in Small Spaces, Pots & Vertical Spaces with Peta Deacon

Gardening in apartments or rental properties can be difficult, come along to this workshop to learn some space saving ideas. Covering companion planting in pots, self sufficient watering systems and how to look after plants in pots effectively. You’ll leave being able to provide fresh herbs & vegies for yourself and your family.

Cost: $50 / $35 (Healthcare Card holder)

Enquiries, Bookings and Payment


29th  November 

9am – 4pm:  Natural Dying with Plants with Linda Parmenter

Learn the basics of dyeing with plants to create beautiful textile pieces while minimizing the impact on the environment.  Natural dyes have been extracted from flowers, leaves, bark and seeds throughout the centuries, and this workshop will cover some of the common techniques for unlocking the myriad of hues that are contained within these materials.

The workshop will introduce participants to some of the familiar garden plants and Australian natives that can be used, and to the use of mordants to fix the dye to silk, wool or cotton fibres.  Using basic shibori (resist) techniques and ‘eco-printing’  to create beautiful marks on the fabric, participants will patch these pieces together to create a beautiful piece of textile art that can used as a wall hanging, framed picture, or used as a component for dressmaking or other textile/fibre art projects.

Fabric and plant materials will be supplied.

Cost: $85 / $65 (Healthcare Card holder)

Enquiries, Bookings and Payment



9:00am – 12:30pm: Introduction to Organic Gardening  with Peta Deacon

Fancy growing your own food but don’t know where to start? This practical 4 week course covers the basics of starting a garden using organic principles suited to our subtropical climate in south east Queensland. 

29th November Week 1: Starting from the most important element of gardening: SOIL. We’ll explore soil life: how to build up your soil microbes and fungi, to attract worms into your soil, and to give your plants the best start. We’ll discuss what to do over summer in your garden.

6th December Week 2:Learn how to make your own compost- the best fertiliser around! Covering various liquid fertilisers, how to make two types and when and where to use them. Come prepared to get your hands dirty making hot and cold compost!

13th December Week 3: Learn how to seed save and store from your own crops. How to propagate from other plants using root division, cuttings. Check liquid fertiliser and turn compost.

20th December Week 4: How to make and maintain raised garden beds. Learn appropriate soil mixes, lasagne layering and best plants for raised gardens. Plant out cuttings from previous week. Check liquid fertiliser and turn compost.

Cost: $200 / $170 (Healthcare Card holder)

Enquiries, Bookings and Payment


13th December

9am – 4pm: Native Bee Keeping- with Tim Heard

This workshop alternates between slide presentations and a practical session to build a strong foundation of knowledge and experience. The presentations cover the topics of bee nesting biology, bee foraging biology, diversity of wild bees, importance of bees in natural systems, traditional stingless beekeeping around the world, modern stingless beekeeping in Australia, using stingless bees for pollination of gardens and farms, sugarbag honey and its properties, rescuing bees threatened in the wild, and more.

In the practical session, we will open hive and observe the amazing structures within. We will divide the hive into two halves showing the process of colony propagation. We will also extract honey from a hive.

Cost: $85 / $65 (Healthcare Card holder)

Enquiries, Bookings and Payment


20th December

9am – 4pm:  Palm Sheath Basket with Weva Deva

Using the base of the giant Bangalow palm leaf (sheath) we will stitch and weave a rich earth colored basket together in a circle, sharing this ancient, creative craft with others. Come and learn how to prepare and harvest your materials as it can be addictive and you will need supplies.

Cost:  $85 / $65 (Healthcare Card holder)

Enquiries, Bookings and Payment


Early 2015

9am – 4pm: Introduction to Bush Permaculture - with Bunya Halasz & Em Maltby

Immerse yourself into Permaculture with this unique offering – great for those who love the garden and the bush.

Spread over 2 consecutive weekends, this 4-day workshop will explore the shared goals of permaculture and bush regeneration: land repair based on natural succession. We will spend the first weekend at Northey St City Farm learning the key principles and concepts of permaculture design, with practical activities including building a no-dig garden, composting, and practice designs.

The next weekend we’ll drive to Paradise One near Coorabell, Northern NSW and return to Brisbane on Sunday afternoon. Paradise One is an Eco-Resort and former banana plantation which is now being restored (including large scale, non-chemical removal of camphor laurel) into a system that provides organic food and a place to gather and celebrate for people; habitat for native flora and fauna; and an array of ecosystem services that support the local water catchment and surrounding farms. Here we will learn more about succession and land restoration through bush regeneration activities; food forest management and permaculture design on a larger scale. The workshop will conclude on Sunday afternoon at Paradise One at approximately 4.30pm.

 No previous experience is required for this workshop and it is a great way to familiarise yourself with permaculture and bush regeneration practices. After the workshop you may decide to go further with your permaculture studies by doing the Permaculture Design Course . Discounts apply for those who continue with a PDC at Northey Street.

First Weekend – On-site at Northey St City Farm. Accommodation & Food not included.

Second Weekend – Paradise One, Coorabell, via Mullumbimby. Accommodation – camping (dorm or private room extra) & food included.

This new program will go ahead with a minimum of 8 participants, let us know you are interested by emailing

Cost: $460 / $370 Concession,  $410 Early Bird

Enquiries, Bookings and Payment


Every Tuesday, Friday & Sunday

Earth Arts Activities - with Bob Mud

More on these activities…

Also check out Bob’s Earth Arts workshops for school groups with Hands on Art

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Bookings and Payment

Workshop Cost: 

Half-day workshops: $50 / $35 for Healthcare Card holders
Full-day workshops: $85 / $65 for Healthcare Card holders

Other workshops: varies, please refer to specific workshop page.

Pay Online: 

Places are limited in most courses and workshops, so get in quick!   We strongly recommend phoning the farm on (07) 3857 8775 to ensure there is still space in your desired workshop.  If a session is full prior to payment, you will be quickly and happily refunded.

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Bookings for PDC require payment of a deposit of $300 ($240 conc.) There is a discount for payment in full by one month prior to course commencement.

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