Our newly elected Management Committee (MC) from the October AGM is made up of the following folks:

Coordinator – Ray Quinn

Assistant Coordinator – Leanne Williams

Secretary – Rose Feely

Treasurer – Greg Smith

General Members

Paul Hudson

Michael Williams

Renee Bailey

Albert Lebbink

James Dekker

…more detail about our MC members


What is the MC all about?  (Purpose and roles)

Check in on this page for further announcements and interesting documents.  Other good ways to keep informed and get involved are through Farm Membership and also joining our monthly e-news using the form on the right side near the top, on any page of the Farm website.

To contact the MC please email  mc@nscf.org.au

Management Committee will meet on the fourth Monday of each month, and minutes should be available about a week after the meeting.

The Constitution of Northey Street City Farm Association Inc.  is the overarching policy document that defines the responsibilities and organisational authority of the MC, in relation to the organisation as a whole.

We also have a Code of Conduct for our Management Committee members which can be accessed here


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