City Farm Nursery is run on organic and Permaculture principles, we aim to provide all the necessary requirements and advice that you need to support your own flourishing organic edible garden.

All of the seedlings and plants propagated on site are grown from open pollinated, heirloom seeds raised in our own blended seed raising mix made from organic sources.

We stock a wide range of:

  • seasonal organic veggie seedlings

  • culinary and traditional herbs

  • permaculture plants

  • aquatic and edible water plants

  • bush tucker and native plants

  • butterfly attracting plants

  • backyard fruit trees

  • heirloom seeds

Try our special worm juice, seed raising mix and range of organic fertilizers, compost and potting mixes.

We are an outlet for the BCC free tree scheme, stock Eco Growth organic minerals, Tumbleweed worm farms, raw honey, Compots, Bokashi bin enzymes and have a refill station for Dr Grow it All.

Come for a visit to see our full range of plants and products and discover Integrated Pest Management, companion planting, creating habitat for wildlife, water gardens and more…..


For all inquiries, please contact us on (07) 3857 8774

City Farm Nursery is open:

Thursday, Friday, Saturday:
9 am to 3 pm

6 am to 12 noon

The Nursery is maintained with the help of many volunteers:
Volunteers are welcome Tuesday through to Saturday (except Wednesdays)


Find us on Facebook here:
City Farm Nursery Facebook Page

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Parking is available right outside the Nursery (except on Sundays – during our Organic Market trading times) when you enter the car park from the Edgar St entrance


Nursery parking map

Nursery parking map