October E-news

Posted on October 9th, 2015
  Northey St City Farm News – OCTOBER 2015


Welcome to the October 2015 News from Northey Street City Farm. Summer is on the way, together with a few storms and some light hail. The plants are all loving the extra water and growing madly. Now is the time to book for our weekend long Introduction to Permaculture course with Morag Gamble, or another of our Sustainable Living Workshops, listed below.

Upcoming Events

  • Sat 10 October 10am to 3pm – NSCF Sustainable Design display at BCC’s Green City Picnic, Albert Street, City.
  • Sat. 17 October 2015, 10am – Annual General Meeting.

Upcoming Sustainable Living Workshops

  • 3rd October: Home cheese making and all things dairy
  • 10th October: Growing and Using Edible Flowers
  • 17th October: Native Seed Collecting and Propagating Workshop
  • 17th October: Brie and Sourdough dough making workshop
  • 30th October: Native Bee Keeping (workshop full)
  • 7th November: Growing Bush Foods
  • 7th November: Nature Awareness and Earth Living Skills
  • 14th November: Rustic “Bread” Baskets Weaving Circle
  • 21st November: Work that Reconnects
  • 5th December: Harvesting and Cooking Bushfoods

Free workshop Series:

  • Sunday 25th October: 10-11am Introduction to Permaculture

2 Day ‘Introduction to Permaculture’ Course:

  • October 31/November 1

Permaculture Design Certificate Course dates for 2016:

  • Saturdays: February 6th to May 21st (break for Easter long weekend)
  • Fridays: April 1st to July 8th
  • Intensive: September School Holidays – 17th Sept – 2nd Oct
  • Saturdays: August 6th – Nov 19th (break for October long weekend)

Management Committee
The Annual General Meeting will be held at 10am on Sat.17 October.

To find out more about NSCF governance and what the Management Committee does, have a look at our page on the website: Management Committee.

As part of Brisbane Open House, Brisbane City Council is holding a Green City Picnic, showcasing sustainable design in our subtropical city. Northey Street City Farm is supporting the event, and will be providing sustainable gardening advice.  Join us as we turn asphalt into awesome on Saturday 10th October, on Albert Street between Charlotte and Mary Streets, from 10am to 3pm. Drop by to see Northey Street’s top tips for a productive garden, get some great sustainable building design tips from Magellan Space, enjoy the live music and grab a snack from a local eatery. There are some great prizes on offer including a full day’s Sustainable Living Workshop by Northey Street, and much more.

Brisbane Open House (BOH):

Emma Brindal
We are now holding a free workshop on the last Sunday of each month from 10-11am. There is no need to book in – just turn up on the day. The next one is:
Sunday 25th October: 10-11am Introduction to Permaculture

To book in to our workshops, go to:
For any enquiries, please email info@nscf.org.au

Our October workshops are:

Saturday 3rd October, 9:30am – 4pm:
Home Cheese Making and All Things Dairy Workshop – with Elisabeth Fekonia

  • Learn how to make your own cheddar cheese, brie and quark as well as cultured butter, ghee, yoghurt, kefir and sour cream. Cheese and other cultures will be for sale on the day.
  • Cost: $110 / $90 (Healthcare Card holder) – price includes morning tea, lunch and manual.

Saturday 10th October 9am – 12pm
Growing and Using Edible Flowers – with Ronni Martin

  • Learn how to grow edible flowers and then use them to add colour and flavour to your cooking. During the workshop you will sample some dishes using flowers and learn to make crystallised flowers.
  • Cost: $50 / $35 (Healthcare Card holder)

Saturday 17th October 9am – 12noon
Native Seed Collecting and Propagating Workshop – with Jake Hazzard

  • After a brief introductory discussion, we will go for a wander around the bushland/parkland adjacent to Northey Street City Farm, identify the native plants, collect some native seed and talk about bush tucker plants.  Then we’ll return to the space where we’ll clean and prepare the native seed and sow it in propagation trays.
  • Cost: $50 / $35 (Healthcare Card holder)

Saturday 17th October 9am – 12pm
Brie and Sourdough Dough Making Workshop – with Elisabeth Fekonia

  • Learn how to make your own delicious brie cheese from cow’s milk as well as easy to make delicious sourdough bread. Both of these fermented foods are made on the spot with samples for taste testing for all attendees. Hands on participation from the class volunteers will show how to make brie cheese, and sourdough bread from scratch.
  • Cost: $60 / $40 (Healthcare Card holder) – price includes Morning Tea, Sourdough starter and Manual.

Other workshops for 2015:
Saturday 7th November, 9am-12pm: Growing Bush Foods

  • Identify, propagate and grow the foods of indigenous Australians and early settlers.

Saturday 7th November: Nature Awareness and Earth Living Skills

  • Learn to make fire-by-friction, string making with natural fibres, sensory awareness skills and more.

Saturday 14th November, 9am – 4pm: Rustic “Bread” Baskets Weaving Circle  

  • Weave an assortment of vines and grasses into a large woven basket.

Saturday 21st November, 9am-4pm: Work that Reconnects

  • An experiential workshop that explores the work of Deep Ecologist and Eco-philosopher Joanna Macy – aimed at supporting the shift to a Life-Sustaining Society.

Saturday 5th December, 9am-12pm: Harvesting and Cooking Bushfoods

  • Harvest and prepare fresh, seasonal bushfoods at Northey Street City Farm.

Our PDC is known for its practicality, diversity of experienced teachers and support with designing your own property. Join us to learn through theory and practice. There is an early- bird discount for full payment one month before the course starts.

Permaculture Design Certificate Course dates for 2016:

  • Saturdays: February 6th to May 21st (break for Easter long weekend)
  • Fridays: April 1st to July 8th
  • Intensive: September School Holidays – 17th Sept – 2nd Oct
  • Saturdays: August 6th – Nov 19th (break for October long weekend)

2 Day Introduction to Permaculture: October 30-Nov 1, 9am-4pm
Introduction to Permaculture is a wonderful weekend immersion in permaculture. Explore the basics of permaculture principles, design and action. Gather great ideas for designing your permaculture oasis. Learn simple and useful skills that will really help you to create an abundant permaculture garden at home, in your street, at school or in your community.  Come and get your hands in the earth and learn by doing. Facilitated by Morag Gamble.
For more information and to book, please visit: http://www.nscf.org.au/permaculture-design-course-brisbane/

Our school activities include: ‘Feeding the World’s People’ for high school students; ‘Cob Oven Cooking’ for grades 4 -12; and ‘Farm Life’, ‘Earth Arts’ and ‘Basic Farm Tour’ for all ages.
If you are interested in bringing a group here, please visit:
Our School activities page: http://www.nscf.org.au/school-tours/
Or the group tours page: http://www.nscf.org.au/group-tours/

The weekly free Farm Tour is on every Tuesday at 9.30am. Meet at the farm kitchen. The tour is followed by a volunteer induction session.

For more details as well as booking information, please see our website
Education enquiries: education@nscf.org.au
Education bookings: info@nscf.org.au


ORGANIC FARMERS’ MARKET   Sundays 6am to 11am
Steve York
Now that Spring is in full swing, Sunday mornings at the markets are sunnier and warmer.

Sandy Creek Organic Farm is harvesting drum-head, savoy, sugar-loaf, wombok and red cabbages along with their regulars – lettuces, broccoli and carrots. They wish to let their customers know they will miss the markets on Sunday 11 October, but want to invite you to their open day on the Saturday. Go see where the food comes from and visit https://www.facebook.com/events/1636330383296330/ for further details.

Capsicums, radish and garlic are all fresh in season now. Keep an eye out for sweet corn too. So come and find the freshest organic produce in Brisbane at Northey Street Markets – every Sunday 6-11am.

Peta Deacon
Our trading hours are: Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday 9-3, and Sunday 6am – Noon. (Closed Monday and Wednesday)

With this week’s lovely rain it’s a great time to fertilize with slow release pellets and mulch. We have fowl pellets in 25kg bags for $45 or 4kg bags for $12 and we have 5 – in – 1 pellets in 25kg for $45 or 4kg for $12, sugarcane mulch for $14.95 a bag or 2bags for $25.

Pennyroyal is our featured plant this month. It is a ground cover with a very strong mint like smell, likes shade and regular water and is great planted in between pavers. This herb is great for deterring mosquitoes, fleas, lice, mites, ticks and rats/mice. It can be made into a spray or used fresh. $6.50 each.

A huge range of dwarf fruit trees is arriving on Friday – lots of stone fruit, lemons and passionfruit.
Water plants now in stock: waterlilies $35 each just about to flower, semi marginal water plants to help attract frogs $15 each.

Lots of organic seasonal veg seedlings available starting at $4 a punnet and seeds starting at $3.50 a packet.

We now have a stall at every Sunday market at the nursery entry offering free workshops for all ages. The Farm information stall is alongside us, so all your enquiries can be answered at one spot.

Wade Dillon
Have you noticed how nature just knows when a season has started?  Around the farm in the last month we have had a couple of attempts to get in early planting of those warmer weather crops like zucchini and tomatoes, but with poor germination rate if any at all, so we planted some more seeds and still nothing. Then one day a few weeks ago there was a noticeable change and it wasn’t a change with the weather that made me think that it’s definitely warming up, it was a change in the activity of animal life that really made me realise that the season had turned. Male bush turkeys running around trying to attract the opposite sex to their nest, and the hatching of thousands of insects hovering around the outside light with the return of the gecko’s feasting on any moths that got too close. The next day those zucchini seeds all germinated.

It then made me realise the importance of permaculture’s first principle “observe and interact” and the sequence of those words. Although interacting and then observing I guess is learning from one’s mistakes, I realise that we had wasted a lot of time with those plantings and there is no better knowledge than that of observing nature.

Allotments and market garden under construction

Other observations if you’ve been around the farm of late is the market garden rebuild by the Site Team with the completion of half the beds.  The volunteers and interns have started planting out the beds. The farm team has also been busy making some very good quality compost that has been used in the market garden beds, and soon when we have enough, to be used in the all new nursery.

Also rebuilt and completed are the allotment beds that are currently filled with lots of bountiful crops. There are still a couple of plots free, if you’re interested email Donna on allotments (at) nscf.org.au.

Other Intern and volunteer projects are the backyard garden that demonstrates what can be done in small spaces that comes with inner city living.

Good home for rooster and chickens needed
The Farm has two bantam hens and a bantam rooster which have been dumped at the farm to give away. We are not an animal shelter and having multiple roosters disturbs the flock, so we are looking for a good home for these good looking birds.

Please no dumping of animals at the Farm. Call the RSPCA if you have unwanted animals.

Also, please don’t dump building materials or other items at the Farm.  We love to up cycle so if you have any materials to donate, please email a description and photo to info @nscf.org.au. We don’t have the ability to collect materials so all donations will need to be dropped off at the Farm.

Donations needed now:

  • Tomato stakes
  • Wire mesh (Hinge joint or dog wire preferred) greater than 1.2m wide
  • Plastic pots 100mm wide x 200mm deep.
  • Clean tea towels and aprons for use in our kitchen

We hope you can come along and join in with one of our activities. See you around the Farm!

Positions Vacant

Posted on October 6th, 2015



Position: Nursery Retail Coordinator

Award:Northey Street City Farm (NSCF) Staff Agreement – permanent part time

Hours: 26 hours per week (The applicant will be required to work weekends)

Pay rate: NSCF Award Agreement Level 3, $24.63p/hr, and entitlements as defined in the NSCF Staff Agreement

Purpose of Position

The Nursery Retail Coordinator will be responsible for operating the retail side of the ‘City Farm Nursery’ making it a profitable enterprise that provides a service to the community through providing useful plants and other permaculture elements/resources. The position will be responsible to ensure that nursery operations remain within the budget as provided by the Enterprise Manager. This role will be expected to create a customer experience and implement a marketing plan that ensures that sales remain on target. Co-ordinating the stock and day-to-day finances will be two important aspects in ensuring the nursery is a viable operation.

For more details about the position click here



Position: Propagation Coordinator

Award:Northey Street City Farm (NSCF) Staff Agreement – permanent part time

Hours: 26 hours per week (The applicant will be required to work weekends)

Pay rate: NSCF Award Agreement Level 3, $24.63p/hr, and entitlements as defined in the NSCF Staff Agreement

Contract Position: Permanent Part-time

Responsible to: Enterprise Manager

Purpose of Position

The Propagation Coordinator will be responsible for propagation activities as required for retail in the nursery and for Farm operations. This role will ensure the cost effective coordination of all propagation activities for the purpose of making the nursery and farm viable operations. Propagation activities will focus on Permaculture and hard to find plants that are not available in other more common nursery outlets. The propagation areas’ focus will be to help the retail nursery develop a niche market and support the farm in their plant growing activities. The position will be responsible to ensure that propagation schedules are developed and adhered to and in so doing ensuring that nursery stock buy-in costs are kept to a minimum.  The Propagation Coordinator will be expected to utilise farm resources as far as possible and remain within the budget as provided by the Enterprise Manager.

For more details about this position click here